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  • History

Computers and Publications Center renamed as NDU Computers and Publications Center according to the Armed Forces Military Education Regulation on 8th May 2000.

Besides main library, there are two other branch libraries at Chung Cheng Ling and Fu Hsing Kang campus. The mission is to acquire, catalog, and preserve all academic publication and information for research and study purpose. All resources and facilities are free access by NDU faculty members and student. In addition, all of libraries provide other services like digitalization of academic information and military publications.

  • Mission & Vision

NDU Computers and Publications Center provide faculty members and students a comprehensive service in order to promote the level of academic study in military expertise. It constructs an educational environment that is supported by philosophy, science, and art of war.

There are five visions for NDU Computers and Publications Center :

  • To enhance Interlibrary Cooperation; to acquire outside resources.
  • To expand the diversity of book stock; to fully support academic studies
  • To promote the hardware and facilities; establish variety ways of studies.
  • To enhance scientific based services; to provide real-time information.
  • To create interactive public relation; to facilitate the usage of NDU Computers and Publications Center.