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Job Description

  • Organization:

NDU Computers and Publications Center is under NDU headquarter. There is a committee board that advises general ideas for policy development and investment of library.

The organization is as follow:

There are 23 members under NDU Computers and Publications Center.There are one Director and two Deputy Directors. There are 20 other members in four different sections.

  • Business
  • Section of Printed Book Management:In charge of printed books, videos, assigned reading publications, theses management, and stock management
  • Journal Section:In charge of management of printed journals and papers from Republic of China(Taiwan), Hong Kong, Macao and other foreign countries.
  • Digital Resources Section:In charge of management of digital database, enhancement of interlibrary Cooperation, and education on accessing the database and resources of library.
  • General Administration Section:In charge of general affairs, administrational affairs, management of information systems,management of history exhibition and exhibition of art appreciation.